Copper Work

Copper offers unmatched character and durability, and lasts virtually forever.

Many architects prefer copper for it's warmth and distinctive beauty. Many years of traditional practice have proven that copper roofs can last for centuries. Among your choices of roofing materials, copper ranks among the highest for resistance to the elements.

Although bright bronze in color when newly installed, over time copper becomes an elegant green patina that requires no painting or finishing. Domes and curves are especially suitable for copper.

When professionally designed and installed, a copper roof can provide an economical, long-term roofing solution. Copper is low-maintenance, highly durable, and has a high salvage cost that can help recoupe value if damage occurs.

Copper Roofing Materials
Copper roofing is typically installed using 16 or 20 oz. cold rolled copper sheets, in widths from 2 to 3 feet. These sheets can be pre-formed into pans or fabricated on the job site, and installed over roofing felt and rosin-sized building paper. The building paper acts as a slip so the high copper temperatures found on a roof don't cause it to bond to the asphalt in the felt.

On-site Equipment
Power seamers and power pan formers are used onsite during construction. Pan formers take copper material and product uniform, quality pans in the required lengths. They typically have the ability to produce pans of varying width with a 1" high standing seam. There are design limitations on the length of pans, and for applications longer than 10 feet considerations should be taken into account. Power seamers are used to create standing seams as seen in the photo to the right.

Flat Lock Copper
Usually found on low-slope applications like porches or bay windows, flat-lock copper roofing is often found alongside older slate and tile roofs. If you are having a hard time finding a roofing contractor who can do flat-lock, please call C & C Contractors. We have done many projects with flat-lock and have the experience and expertise to do outstanding work for you.

Copper Gutters
C & C Contractors has worked on many historic buildings, and many of those have copper gutters along with slate roofing. We have the skills to properly replace or repair these types of installations. Call us for a consultation.

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