Old World Craftsmanship

Professional quality installation with knowledge and experience you can trust.

These roofing materials will outlast asphalt shingles by decades, and will be an architectural feature and point of pride for your property that adds value and pride. Choosing a contractor to trust with the job is critical to assure the proper installation process is used and that the required attention to detail is applied. As members of both the Local 8 in New York City and the Local 241 in Albany, we've had the privilege to work on both residential and large commercial projects and will bring our years of experience to your project.


Most traditional roofing contractors will not have the expertise in these materials. For example, see these photos below of actual poor quality work we've seen.

This saddle hip & ridge has a terrible edge. Imagine inspecting your building and seeing this?

This is how it's supposed to be done, clean and straight. Wouldn't you rather see this?


These jobs require staging to be built on-site before and during the installation process. We've done jobs on all types of structures and always solve the staging problem safely and securely. Tower staging during slate roof installation

This tower had unique challenges that required custom staging to be built all the way around, in multiple levels.

Tower staging during work on the Savannah County Courthouse

The Savannah County Courthouse required a much more elaborate staging setup to reach it's roof.

Sean waves from a flat tiled tower at Sands Point, Long Isand.

Sean waves from a flat tiled tower at Sands Point, Long Isand.