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Scotland, 1898

Our story begins in Scotland, 1898. Sean Campion's grandfather John McCauley was born. 19 years later, in 1917, the young man came to the United States and arrived in Manhattan, where he joined the Slater's Union Local 25.

John McCauley on the job - 1959
And so begins the story of the family passing the trade down through generations to what is now C & C Contractors.

John McCauley

John McCauley spent his life in the industry until his death at age 70. At one point, being such a leader in the community, he installed 180 squares of Spanish tile on Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Brooklyn - at no charge.

He is pictured to the right, still working the trade in 1959 at age 61.

John McCauley had 2 sons (John and Tony McCauley), who also took up the slate and tile trade.

Fergus "Whitey" Smith

Sean's "Uncle Whitey" (Fergus Smith) married John McCauley's daughter Ann and also took up the trade.

The famous gentleman (the baddest slater in Coney Island) is pictured during 1959 in the photo to the left.

Uncle Whitey - 1959

In 1982, Sean's Uncle Whitey came to him and asked - "Sean, are you ready to come work for the business?

Uncle Whitey on the Metlife Building - 1975

"Hell yea, I'm ready. I've been waitin' for you to ask me!"

And so it was in 1982 the third generation of a great slate and tile roofing family took up the trade.

Sean Campion

When Sean's Uncle Whitey took work in Albany roofing the state capital and the governor's mansion, Sean also moved upstate from Brooklyn to Albany.

Sean and his family have since moved to the Charlotte area and continue working in the family trade.

At this time, Sean's brother Kevin and 4 cousins are all working in the industry.